Náskok vďaka logistike Šikotrans kamion

History and the present

The company ŠIKOTRANS, s.r.o. was established in May 2002 by gradual transformation and transfer of economic activities from the association of natural persons operating under the name Autotransport ŠIKO, which started its activities in the field of international transport already in 1994. The company has its registered office in the community of Kúty, near the borders with the Czech Republic and Austria, very close to the highway D2, what provides excellent mobility at work for us and our vehicles. Since its beginning the company experiences continuous expansion of number of vehicles as well as the number of qualified and reliable employees and amount and quality of the provided services. The continuous growth has been, is and will be our priority objective since we are aware of the fact that only the strongest and the most assertive ones can survive in the severe market environment of the European Union demanding the quality, speed, safety and price availability of the services provided. Concurrently we are aware of the fact that the company which is at the standstill and does not expand either in the number of people, machines or services, disappears slowly. We moved to our own, recently erected building at the end of 2006. Since both our company, as well as our services portfolio grows continuously we decided to enlarge our premises by building up additional office, service and storage space. Quality Management System was adopted successfully and inspected by the audit company SGS Slovakia at the beginning of 2007. The activities of our company consist in the international trucking and forwarding especially to the countries of Central and Western Europe, as well as in the service and parking services especially for trucks. All our vehicles, whose we are owners of, were bought as new ones and are in compliance with strict emission and safety standards of the European Union. The average age of our car pool is approximately 3.5 year due to the annual purchase of new vehicles. In our autopark you'll find vehicles from the smallest pickup to a 38-palette large-volume trailer, though recently we've concentrated mainly on the purchase of megatrailers for 34 palettes or two-level trailers holding 67 europalettes and which stand 3 meters high inside and have a volume of 100 cubic meters, making them suitable particularly for the automobile industry. The transports are ensured by two drivers what secures the delivery in the extremely short time period and thus the satisfaction of our customers. Certainly it means the increase of transportation costs influencing the economic indicators of the company in a positive way. Each employee owns a mobile phone with fully activated roaming what guarantees the operative satisfaction of the customerŐs requirements at any day or night time and concurrently we are able to provide the customer with the information on the current location of its goods and the expected arrival to the place of unloading eventually loading as well as on the possible delays, etc. At present we consider the introduction of GPS-satellite navigation system to our vehicles thus enhancing the quality of our services. The management of the company ŠIKOTRANS consists of young and dynamic group of people proving satisfactory competence, experience and communication skills fighting in one team with the armament such as willingness, accuracy, flexibility and fair play working to achieve the overall objective - fulfillment of all your wishes. We are the company which is able always and on time to meet its liabilities due to our effort to prevent the contact and cooperation with non-paying and non-reliable customers. Concurrently we are able to handle with emphasis those cooperating companies which do not see to their obligations properly as agreed in the transportation contracts and seriously breach the ethics of the mutual business relationships. We do believe you decide to use our services and we are to do everything in order you could rank among our satisfied customers and you could learn about the true reputation of our company disseminated via this internet presentation and via our satisfied customers since “the transport is our hobby”.