Náskok vďaka logistike Šikotrans kamion


Hauliers who want to realize transport booked by our company must fulfill the criteria determined by us, through which we try to get goods transported with quality and speed. After receipt of our offer, we request the haulier to carefully read and subsequently confirm the order, by which he is obliged to maintain our terms, which are, in general, these:

  • The haulier is responsible for insurance of the transported consignment in the meaning of the CMR (Convention of Merchandise Routers).
  • The haulier shall keep in mind that without written agreement of the shipping company, he will not transport any supplemental (supporting) goods beyond the goods agreed upon in the transport contract. Written agreement also includes an agreement expressed through a fax or e-mail message.
  • The price mentioned in this transport contract is complete and includes all fees, for example, for waiting by the loading dock and unloading within 24 hours and the like.
  • The haulier is obliged, that in the case of obstacles arising on his side, and, for example, problems with parking the vehicle for loading in the agreed time, that he shall resolve such problems by ensuring at his own cost a replacement vehicle. If the haulier does not fulfill this obligation, the shipping company has the right to a payment from the haulier of a contractual penalty in the amount of 331,93,- EUR for each such case. Payment of a contractual penalty does not affect the claim of the shipping company for payment arising for damages from this title.
  • The participants are agreed that the haulier will not directly connect with the addressee of the consignment with his business contact, nor shall he promote any other shipping company. If the shipping company learns of a breach of this obligation from the side of the haulier or his driver, the haulier shall pay to the shipping company for each such case a contractual penalty in the amount of 1.660,-EUR.
  • If the haulier violates any agreement mentioned in the transport contract or in this list of terms, he shall be obliged to pay to the shipping company all costs, fees and damages which arise as a result of the non-observance or breach of the mentioned agreements.
  • The haulier is obliged to inform the shipping company immediately of all problems that occur with the agreed transport, for example, delayed loading, not making the deadline for unloading and the like. The haulier ensures that drivers shall always have a mobile phone available with an active roaming service.
  • The haulier is obliged to notify the shipping company immediately each time a consignment held is not loaded or delivered on time by calling +421 915 764 902.
  • The haulier is obliged to notify the shipping company every morning between 8:00 and 8:30 a.m. and every afternoon between 15:00 and 15:30 hours the position of the vehicle with the consignment.
  • The haulier, or his driver, is responsible for ensuring that the goods are loaded such that no damage occurs to them during transport. The driver is obliged to inspect the number of transported units of goods. If the goods are damaged during transport, or any transported units are found to be missing, the haulier shall pay to the shipping company within 10 days of delivery to the haulier the full amount for such damage that may arise of the accounting of the damage to the haulier .
  • The shipping company may deduct demonstrable damage and the agreed contractual penalty from payment made for the agreed price for the transport.
  • It is possible to make changes and amendments to the transport contract only in writing in the form of a numbered amendment signed by the authorized representatives of both participants.
  • We request return confirmation of this transport contract and these conditions be sent to the fax number +421 34 6941439.
  • If we do not receive from the haulier any comments regarding this contract within 60 minutes, we shall consider this as his agreement with all facts mentioned in this contract and we shall consider the contract validly concluded, included these terms.
  • Participants are agreed that the haulier will invoice for the transport within 7 days of its completion. The invoice shall be payable within 60 days after receipt of your invoice along with the original CMR and with the given number of the transport contract.
  • The CMR form must contain the stamp and signature of the receiver; in the case that the CMR form with a stamp cannot be procured, the CMR form must be confirmed by signature, with a visible name and surname of the bearer and the number of a identification document.
  • With the non-observance of the time period for invoicing, the shipping company has the right to reduce payment of the agreed price for transport by up to 20%.